Wednesday "wine" down!

If this wine were at a party it would be the gal that comes in super bubbly, ready to mingle with all the new faces, tell a few jokes and leave you thinking..."I'd party with her again".

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing serious about this wine, if you looking for full body, distinct flavor and character that is Oscar worthy then don't pick this up. But if you looking for something light, crisp and casual  on a hot summer day,that won't send you over the edge, go to your local wine store and ask for Casa Rossa- Rosso.

It's sweet, fruity and slightly fizzy finish is saying, "BRUNCH TIME!"

Happy Wednesday!

Cheers to Chianti!

Our Virtual Vines are AMAZING!!! Thank you for all who participated in our last discussion of SILVER SPARROW we enjoyed every moment of our online discussion!! Not only did we dish on all our favorite parts of the book, some of us shared what we were sipping while chatting!

Jennifer, our lovely Virtual Vine from Vancouver, shared with us her drink for the evening along with this GREAT review.

"Chianti Cecchi is produced mainly from Sangiovese grapes and has its roots in the Tuscany. A lively ruby red colour tending to burgundy with ageing, it has an intense and persistent fragrance. Chianti Cecchi is a wine for the entire meal, Suitable for sliced and white meats, and when aged it can accompany roasts, grilled meats and game. I love it with pasta and it is well priced." -Jennifer F.

We invite you all to share with us a review of a wine and we'll post it here on our blog and on the our Facebook Page.

Looking forward to chatting & sipping with you all on October 22nd when we'll discuss The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

Happy Reading!

Voulet Casorzo

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of tasting a Voulet Casorzo. It is made from red Malvasia in the style of a Moscato d'Asti (sparkling wine). This delightful sweet and sparkling red tickles the taste buds with notes of strawberry, and raspberry. It's perfect as a dessert wine--some girlfriends and I paired it with cheesecake, strawberry shortcake and apple cherry cobbler; and the low alcohol content makes it great for those nights where you want to sip without fear of drinking too much.
source: the party source

Apparently this gem can be difficult to find in the Baltimore area, so I've been told that if you find it, you should snap up several bottles at a time. With a price tag of about $13 it's priced well for buying in bulk.

Happy sipping!

(submitted by Kimberly J.)

Oh Chardonnay!!

Chardonnay, while one of the country’s most popular wines, is not one of my favorites. I have always been deterred by it’s dry lack luster flavor…until NOW!

Get your palate ready to be surprised, intrigued and totally won over by this Napa Valley Chardonnay! Meet CAKEBREAD CELLARS award winning Chardonnay.

It’s light straw coloring mimics the summer day, enticing you to be drawn into the golden apple, pear, citrus aroma this Chardonnay lends. It doesn’t disappoint when it gets to your lips… refreshing, crisp and full of body. You’ll fall in love.

Pairs well with: Poultry and heavy white sauces.
Price tag: $35-$47 depending on age, I would recommend 3-5  year old bottle
Perfect for: Showing off your wine knowledge! Show up to an intimate affair with this bottle in tow and they’ll be talking about you for weeks to come!

(submitted by: Leeann S.)

Virtual Vines

Interested in reading and discussing with us virtually? Well, we would love to have you! Just do these 2 simple things and you are good to go:

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